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Tactics To Assist With Communicating With Somalians

If you will be taking a trip to the Horn of Africa and will be staying in a hotel in Somalia for the greater part of your trip, you may be wary about the language barrier that you will be encountering throughout your excursion. Do not let the Somalian language become a hindrance to you during your trip. You can use the tactics below to assist with learning the language and speaking to the Somalians who you encounter while on the excursion to the distant country. 

Use Books And A Language Program

Purchase books that are designed for people who have no knowledge of the Somalian language. Starter books will provide you with a basic overview of Somali and will introduce common words that are spoken by Somalians. After studying the words for a while, ask a friend to quiz you to determine how well you have retained the information that you have been studying. Another alternative is to purchase an interactive language program that can be studied on a media device.

Use your laptop or phone to use the program during times that you are not preoccupied with other activities. If you download a program to a mobile device, you can bring the device with you on your trip so that you can look up words that are spoken to you by a Somalian or so that you can translate a phrase that you would like to say to a native. 

Hire An Interpreter

Contact an interpreter who provides services in the country that you are visiting and make plans to meet with them soon after you arrive in Somalia. If you are going to be visiting several publiic venues that require you to interact with locals, an interpreter can attend each locale with you and will be able to help you communicate with people from the country.

Out of respect, face each Somalian who you would like to speak with as if you are speaking the same language as them. Look into each person's eyes and speak in English. As soon as you complete a statement or question, an interpreter will take over and will speak to the Somalian in their own language so that they are aware of what you said. In return, the Somalian can respond in Somali and the interpreter will let you know in English what has been said. 

Draw Pictures On A Dry Erase Board To Speak To Locals

If you are unable to look up words from the Somalian language or if the interpreter is not available to assist at specific times of the day and you are in need of directions to a place, use a dry erase board to assist with communication. Draw a basic picture of the spot that you are trying to find. This method may seem frustrating at first, but if you are in desperate need of help and have no other alternatives, the drawings may help convey your inquiries so that you receive the help needed. 

For more assistance, get in touch with a company such as The Language Banc.