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3 Must-See San Diego Attractions

If you're looking for an affordable, warm, and adventurous stay at the beach front property, look no further than San Diego. Year round, San Diego has so much to offer its visitors. There's great food, great entertainment, fun for all ages, and of course, the beach. This article highlights three essential things to do on your stay in San Diego.

Cruise the PB Boardwalk

A cruise along the Pacific Beach boardwalk is a favorite among tourist and San Diego locals alike. Whether you are riding a bike, wearing rollerblades, skateboarding, scootering, or just walking, it is a must-do activity. The great thing about Pacific Beach is that it is colorful. It attracts tourists, college students, surfers, skaters, and everyone else in between. You can cruise from Belmont park in the south north to Crystal Pier and then walk out on the pier, watch the fisherman, feed the birds, check out the surfers, and then grab something to eat.

The great thing about the PB boardwalk is that there is something for everyone to do. Of course, you have miles of safe and clean beaches on one side of the boardwalk. On the other side, you have shopping, eateries, tourist shops, boutiques, and even an amusement park with roller coasters and games.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is another must-visit San Diego destination. The park is home to the renowned San Diego Zoo. While the Zoo and many of the museums have admission fees, there are a ton of free activities in Balboa Park. At night, you can find free concerts, food trucks, vendors, and street performers. There are free flower gardens, historic buildings, classy restaurants, and more free things you can handle in a single day.

Kayak La Jolla Cove

Another fun activity is to rent kayaks and check out the seals in La Jolla Cove. You can go on a self-guided tour, go in to group, or just rent kayaks and go wherever you want. The trip from the beach to the cove is safe and not too far. Still, kayaking can be very tiring on your arms, so expect to get warm and take a dip in the ocean. Some people even bring a snorkel and hop into the water to get a closer look at the reefs.

The best things about La Jolla Cove is all the wildlife you will see. There are seals, see lions, and even tiny leopard sharks. Don't worry; they are perfectly harmless! But don't get too close to the seals.

The great thing about San Diego is that you can do all of these fun activities any month of the year. You can have easy access to these attractions by renting a beachfront vacation studio from a rental agency, such as Nah Uxibal Vacation Rentals. Contact a travel agency to start planning your San Diego vacation today.