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Love to Travel? Tips for Success I have always loved to travel. When I was growing up, my parents took us to a new location during every summer and winter break. My siblings and I had a blast visiting new cities and states and my parents always made sure we learned a lot about the local cultures. I especially loved trying new local foods, since every city had their local specialties. My parents were always impressed at my willingness to try new foods at my young age. I loved traveling so much that I decided to become a traveling nurse, and I now get paid to travel around the country! I know there are many people out there new to traveling who need tips on choosing destinations, preparing for trips, and packing well. I plan to share tips on these travel topics and much more on my new travel blog!




Three Ways To Travel Across The Country Without Having To Drive

Have you always wanted to travel across the country but didn't want to do all the driving? Here are three ways to do it:

Take a Charter Bus

Whether you want to travel across the country on your own, or you would like to go with a group of people, taking a charter bus is a great way to do it. Charter buses are privately owned most of them provide transportation and personal service for the following:

  • Point-to-point excursions
  • Long-distance travels
  • Special events

One of the major advantages of taking a charter bus to tour the country is that they usually have professional staff in place that can help you to plan and execute your trip. For added comfort, most charter buses are equipped with restrooms, personal DVD players, electrical outlets for laptops and cell phones, reclining seats, and panoramic windows.

Get Onboard a Passenger Train

You might not automatically think of touring the country by rail, but passenger trains are a great way to travel. There are many train companies that offer train tours and vacations all over the United States, and some will even take you from one coast to the other. Traveling by train offers many advantages including:

  • You can sleep in a spacious and comfortable private cabin
  • Large windows and slower speeds allow for great sightseeing opportunities
  • Most train companies offer onboard dining

Whether you want to see a specific part of the country, or you want to travel from one coast to the other, getting onboard a passenger train is a great way to do it.

Hire a Chauffeur

If you don't want to drive, but you still want to take your car, you can hire a chauffeur to drive your car for you. This is one more way to travel across the country and still be able to do some sightseeing. Because chauffeurs usually charge by the hour, you will most likely need a customized quote so that they can negotiate a rate that ensures their time and expenses are covered. When hiring a chauffeur, you will want to keep the following in mind:

  • You'll need to make sure the chauffeur has the proper license and insurance
  • You need to call your insurance company and add the chauffeur as an occasional driver
  • Your tip will be included in the quote, but you can still go above the standard gratuity rate

Since this might be a little bit risky, you will also want to ensure the chauffeur you hire is trustworthy, which can be done by requesting a list of references.