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Three Simple Ways To Get The Most From Your First Wine Tasting Tour

If you're planning on enjoying your first wine tasting tour with a group of friends and family in the near future, you're probably looking forward to the occasion -- and you also may be a little intimidated because you're not sure of the protocol of participating in a wine tasting tour. Fortunately, wine tasting is a fun experience that doesn't have many hard-and-fast rules -- the object is to enjoy yourself while learning something about the wonderful world of wine. However, strategies exist for getting the absolute most from the experience. Following are three of them. 

Have a Light Lunch Prior to the Tour 

Hunger pangs and wine tastings don't mix, so be sure to enjoy a light lunch before embarking on your tour. Some wineries offer simple finger foods with their tastings, but these aren't meant to make a meal, and it may appear impolite if you take more than a bite or two. Because commercial wine tasting tours generally begin in the early afternoon and end several hours later, many of them include lunch at the beginning of the tour. 

Wear Unscented Grooming Products 

Scent and taste are so closely intertwined that wearing grooming products containing fragrance isn't recommended while on a wine tasting tour. It isn't enough to simply decline to spritz on body spray or cologne while getting ready -- use unscented lotions and hair products as well. Scents can significantly alter the way a wine tastes -- not just for you, but for those around you as well. It's considered good manners to not go on a wine tasting tour wearing noticeable fragrance. 

Hold the Glass By the Stem 

One of the biggest mistakes made by those new to wine tasting is holding the glass by the bowl instead of by the stem. The reason for this is that holding the glass by the bowl warms the wine, which can result in an altered taste. Place your thumb, index finger, and middle finger on the stem and let the other two fingers rest naturally on the top of the base. Holding the glass this way also makes it easier to give it a small swirl for the purpose of oxygenating the wine, which releases the flavors in the wine's bouquet. 

Your local wine tour operator will be able to provide you with more valuable tips and tricks for enjoying your first wine tasting experience to the utmost. Contact a business like Ambassador Limousine for help with tour transportation.