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Taking Your Bike And Heading To Warmer Weather? How To Make The Most Of Your Cycling Tour

If the weather is frightful where you are, it's time to plan a trip to warmer weather. There are a lot of exotic locations that offer beautiful, warm weather when things are at there coldest here in the US. One of the great things about taking off on in search of warm weather is that you can take advantage of the scenery. The best way to do that is on a bike. Most vacation destinations offer cycling tours that let you enjoy the fresh air while you explore the countryside. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe and enjoy your cycling tour:

Make Sure You're Visible

If you're going to be exploring the countryside on a bike, make sure that motorists can see you. It's not always easy for motorists to see cyclists, especially during the early morning, or late afternoon. To improve your visibility, make sure you wear bright clothing whenever you head out on your bike. You should also make sure that your shoes have reflective tape on them, which will help motorists see you in the dark. If you know that you'll be riding in the dark, always ensure that your bike is equipped with flashing safety lights.

Never Head Out On Your Own

It might be tempting to head out on your own to get some exploring in. However, that's not the safest thing to do, especially if you're going to be traveling along secluded roads. If something happens to you, no one will know where you are. You never know when you're going to become injured, or your bike is going to break down. If you're riding by yourself, you'll have no one to help you. Riding with a partner, or in groups, will ensure your safety.

Keep Track of the Weather

When it comes to exploring the countryside on your bike, it's important that you keep track of the weather. A fast-moving storm can come through and leave you stranded in the rain. If you're not familiar with the weather patterns where you'll be traveling to, you may not recognize changes fast enough. Be sure to ask about the weather before you head out for the day. It's also a good idea to ask about expected weather changes each time you stop along your route. This will allow you to monitor unexpected weather changes that might affect your ride.

Try Something New

If you want to get the most out of your bike tour, don't be afraid to try something new. Instead of sticking to the routes that are popular with the tourists, ask for information on routes that are more out of the way. You'll get to see more of the countryside when you visit the local favorites.

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