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Renting A Charter Bus For School Field Trips: Four Amenities To Consider

When you are planning an extended field trip for your school's students, renting a charter bus can provide a great option that keeps everyone comfortable and excited about the journey. As you look for a charter bus rental, there are some amenities you'll want to keep in mind. Here are some helpful tips you can use to find the right bus option for your school.

Onboard Restrooms

Making frequent stops for students to use the restroom can take precious time away from the actual trip, and it can also make things difficult for chaperones trying to make sure all students are accounted for. Look for a charter bus with onboard restrooms to help students tend to personal needs. You'll still want to take a restroom break every so often throughout the trip, as this gives students a chance to stretch their legs while giving them simultaneous access to the restroom. However, an onboard restroom prevents embarrassing stops for individual students experiencing a personal restroom emergency.

Wi-Fi Access

Having access to wi-fi on field trips provides several benefits. It gives students a way to stay occupied by using phones and tablets to play games, listen to music, or stream television shows. The wi-fi can also be used to facilitate learning as you travel to your destination. For example, you can use school-supplied tablets to challenge students to research the area you are traveling to, and the tablets can also be used to fill out worksheets that relate to the lessons you've taught in the days leading up to the field trips. Another benefit is that teachers and chaperones can use Wi-Fi to upload pictures of the trip for social media posts and email updates for parents.

Power Outlets

Of course, if your students are permitted to bring smartphones and tablets on the trip, they'll need a way to keep the devices charged. Some bus companies offer buses with electrical outlets in each row of seats. These outlets can be used to charge devices or plug in portable DVD players. Having a steady source of power can prevent dead batteries and bored students as you make the long journey to your field trip location.

Luggage Storage

Even if you aren't planning an overnight trip, it's important to choose a bus that features luggage storage. The storage compartment offers a way to stash backpacks, coolers with bagged lunches, and other essentials you'll need for the trip. Some buses come with overhead storage compartments, much like airplanes do, which can be used to pack carry-on items so your students can keep backpacks and purses inside the bus.

Charter buses, such as from Barrington Transportation Co, are great for overnight trips, but they also provide a bit of added fun to day trips as well. Talk to your school administrators to see about renting a charter bus for 8th grade or senior class trips to make these milestone field trips even more exciting.