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How To Transform A Hotel Conference Room Into A Beautiful Wedding Reception Venue

A conference room is great for holding events and occasions for a large number of people. If you have decided to have your wedding reception in one, you might feel the room is plain. You can add charm to any conference room, however, and even use the character of the space to your advantage.

Here are some tips on how to transform a hotel conference room into a beautiful wedding reception venue. A tip, before you start, get the ok from the hotel manager or wedding planner before you decorate.

Hang Fairy Or Christmas Lights

If you want to add a romantic air to the room, then hanging fairy or Christmas lights from the ceiling or along the walls in a dramatic way will change the look of the room. The lights can soften the space and give it a magical feeling.

You could also add small chandeliers or lanterns placed on each table or hung above them. This can give the room a formal look or, depending on the light's appearance, a rustic and nostalgic appearance.

Use Small Trees And Plants

If you had wanted an outdoor wedding and reception but either couldn't find the right space or perhaps don't like the weather at your chosen time of year, you can still add a bit of the outdoors to your reception.

Add small trees and plants to your venue and place them near your tables or even surrounding the dance floor. You could have flower arrangements of Bonzi trees on each table or even vines hung along the walls for a great outdoor look.

Use Fabric To Drape The Walls

Conference room walls have a neutral color and if you want them to stand out more dramatically, then you could add fabric to drape the walls with. You could choose all-over white draped and then add drapes colored to match your wedding theme to accent it. You could drape certain areas of the room, such as near the head table or areas by the dance floor.

For a more subtle draping technique, you could opt to only choose to drape your tables themselves or even the chairs your guests sit on. You could also drape only the entrances to the room or any windows the room might have.

Draping your room can also give it a different feel from the traditional seating area and dance floor set up. Use draping to divide up the room for a more restaurant or nightclub feel, keeping the dining or lounge area separate from the dance floor. 

For more information about hotel conference rooms, contact a hotel in your area like the Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport.