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Attractions That You'll See On An Old West Tour

Whenever you travel, it's always ideal to do some research on the popular tourist attractions in the area. Upon knowing what is available, you can then begin to make plans to visit the things that you deem to be a priority. Many areas offer old west tours, and if you've never been on one, the idea of taking a step back into the country's history can be a big thrill. Old west tours can vary according to not only where they're located, but also what features are offered. Generally, though, you'll get to enjoy a historic area that pays homage to the nation's past. Here are some attractions that you'll often see on an old west tour.

Historic Buildings

Old west tours are commonly loaded with stops at various historic buildings, which will especially be a thrill for history buffs. For example, you might visit a house where a notable old west figure was born or lived, or you might visit a historic saloon that played host to a famous gun battle in which an infamous old west outlaw fell. All the while, an informative tour guide will paint a picture of how the area looked in the past — and, in many cases, the area will be done up to accurately reflect its history.

Movie Sets

Old west sites are popular for movie makers who use the existing reproduction of historic towns to film movies and TV shows. You'll often find that old west tours make stops in certain areas that famous western movies were shot. It can be exciting to imagine that you're walking down the same street as a famous Hollywood star, and this is especially true if you've seen the movie. It can be fun to watch the movies after you return home from the old west tour to see the sights that you just visited.

Historic Burial Grounds

You'll often get a chance to visit some historic burial grounds on your old west tours. If visiting cemeteries is something that you enjoy doing while you travel, the unique nature of some old west burial sites may especially be of interest to you. For example, it's common to be able to visit a graveyard where some notable old west figures were buried, and walk among the tombstones to see the names that you maybe read about in history books when you were in history class at school.