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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dolphin Tour

Many people dream of being able to go on a dolphin tour. To watch these magnificent creatures leap out of the water, splash, and play is truly remarkable. If you have managed to book a dolphin tour, then you want to make sure you get the most out of this experience. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Arrive early to get the best seat or standing place.

Make sure you arrive about 10–15 minutes before your dolphin tour is scheduled to begin. This way, you can get one of the best viewing spots on the boat. In most cases, you will be best off situating yourself towards the front of the boat. This will allow you to easily see more of the ocean as the boat makes its way out onto the ocean from the shore. If you were to sit further back, you would have more of a side view, which means you might miss spotting some of the dolphins further out.

If you have the choice between sitting and standing, definitely stand. You will have an easier time seeing over people and moving your head to get a better view when dolphins do pop up.

2. Read about dolphins beforehand.

Before you set off on your tour, spend a little time reading about dolphins. You can check out books from your local library or you can read articles on websites like National Geographic and Animal Planet. When you know a little more about dolphins, you will be able to identify which species you are seeing and better understand the behavior they are displaying, which will make your tour that much more exciting. Most dolphin tour guides do tell you a bit about dolphins throughout the tour, but if you already know the basics, you can listen less intently and spend more time focusing on the dolphins themselves.

3. Dedicate only a few minutes to taking photos.

Of course, you want to leave your dolphin tour with some photos. However, many people make the mistake of spending all their time taking photos. You can get so focused on looking through the camera that you forget to enjoy the moment! A good strategy is to only take your camera (or phone) out for five minutes of the tour. Spend the rest of the time just living in the moment and making memories in your mind.

If you follow the tips above, you will get more out of your dolphin tour experience.