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All Aboard The Party Boat!

A big project at work that has proved to be a success could be the very reason why you would like to take your employees on a party boat tour this summer. Music, recreational activities, food, and beverages can be enjoyed while aboard a large watercraft that features a tiki theme.

A Tour

A tiki theme is reminiscent of the Polynesian culture. Tropical decorations and a makeshift hut may comprise the decking of a party boat. There may be lounge chairs scattered about for the guests to use while they are soaking up the sun. A separate cabin may contain recreational equipment or a dining area.

An outfitter may provide custom services that will appeal to your travel group. When consulting with a booking agent, request information about the sightseeing aspects of a tour. A boat's travel route may include viewing some cultural landmarks that you and your travel companions will like. A tour that will include music, dancing, and food may last for several hours.

The Amenities

A tiki boat outfitter may provide floats, snorkel gear, and other recreational equipment that can be used in the water. If you would like to incorporate some water fun into the tour package that you will be treating your employees to, you will need to acquire a full breakdown of the amenities that your touring outfitter will provide.

A tour that can be customized may require that you provide some feedback about what type of party atmosphere you are seeking. Your preferences may result in your tiki boat being stocked with the equipment that you have requested. While you and your guests are enjoying the water, the captain of your party boat may stop the watercraft.

The Dress Code

If your event will be taking place during the day, you and your employees should dress appropriately for the weather. Bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts, and sandals can be worn throughout the boating event. Some tour outfitters provide nighttime services. A boating event that will take place when it is dark may require more formal attire.

If a party boat will be featuring fine dining and dancing, you and your employees may want to dress to impress. Provide your staff members with the party boat's itinerary. This will give each person a clear idea of what they can expect to experience during the tour. Furnish details about where you and your employees will meet, prior to boarding the boat that you have reserved.

For more information on party boats, contact a travel and tourism service today.