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Wine Tours — Samples, Purchases, And Transport Tips

Visiting multiple wineries in one day will provide you with an in-depth look at production standards and will give you the opportunity to sample many vintages. A 'busy' tour session like this may require some moderation strategies, note taking, and transport plans.

Swill And Spit

Sampling wine involves enjoying the aroma of a product, swirling it around in a glass, and tasting the product. You will have the opportunity to sip and swallow the wine products that appeal to you, but you should do so in moderation. Consuming a lot of wine products during a tour could make it difficult for you to differentiate between vintages, plus can leave you feeling woozy.

Many tours provide spit cups during an active sampling session. This type of cup will provide a wine taster with a viable way to store all of the wine samples that they taste throughout a sampling session. A winery owner may prepare charcuterie boards or a series of appetizer platters. If you do decide to drink several types of wine during a sampling session, the food that you indulge in will soak up excess alcohol and prevent you from getting intoxicated.

Record Information And Use A Transport Method

Sampling wines may encompass most of the day, but you may be ready to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant or participate in a wine-shopping session when the sampling process is over. Taking notes about the various vintages that you have sampled will allow you to order your favorite wine variety during a meal that you order in a restaurant or may persuade you to purchase a bottle or two of wine to bring home with you.

The information that you record can include photographs of the wine bottles that you have sampled or some handwritten notes about each product. Most wineries will allow guests to use their mobile phones to take pictures during an active tour or sampling session.

Preparing a viable way to transport wine products that you purchase will ensure that your purchases remain damage-free while you are driving home from the wine tour. A wine cooler tote is a product that will keep bottles of wine stabilized and separated. This type of product will be constructed of an insulating material that will prevent wine bottles from being exposed to hot or cold temperatures. A portable wine cooler tote can be stored inside your vehicle's trunk.

Reach out to a wine tour company for more information.