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How To Find The Best ATV Trails For A New Rider So You Can Enjoy Your Ride

You might be new to riding ATV trails and wonder what the best way is to find the right one for you. The right trail is dependent on your skill level in riding an ATV, what type of scenery you want to look at, how far you have to travel to get there, and even safety considerations.

There are a few ways you can use to find the right trail for you, and here are just a few of them.

Research Trails Online Or Ask Local Experts

When you are looking for the right ATV trails for you, your first step is to do your research into the trails you are interested in trying. There might be some trials you might have heard of that seem interesting, but are they within the scope of your skill level? It could also be there are trails better suited to you that you might not have heard of.

Take a look online. There are several websites or downloadable apps you can use to search for ATV trails that might work for you. Read what you can expect from the trails such as whether or not there are paved sections or if the trail is completely offroad. Are there hills you have to climb? How steep are they?

You can also ask local experts in the ATV community for recommendations on trails fit for beginner riders. It's possible there are riding clubs in your town or city that you could join and take guided tours along some of the local trails. The experts can give you tips on riding safely as well.

Choose Well-Marked Trails

If you are a new rider it's best to pick ATV trails that are well-marked and easy to navigate at first. You may have ridden an ATV on your own property but have yet to take it to the trails. You don't want to pick a trail that you are unfamiliar with that is not well marked because it could be easy to get lost or go off the trail onto private property. This can happen because you are concentrating on driving and not as much on the trail's turns.

Instead, pick a well-marked trail that is also easy to drive on. This means picking a smooth surfaced trail without too many muddy or hilly areas. It's best to get a feel for the machine on an open trail area before you try the harder trails.